Motorola Android tablet appears in Verizon inventory!

It’s not a secret anymore that an Android tablet from Motorola will be hitting Verizon, probably in the first half of 2011. Our friends over at Phandroid got their hands on a leaked screenshot which is showing that Motorola Mz600 “Stingray” Android tablet demo, dummy, and official version is showing up in Verizon inventory. When the item hits the inventory, it means that the device is around the corner and can be come out in a few months, may be Verizon has changed their mind and they will be launching the Motorola tablet before 2011.

We believe that the device is right now available somewhere in wild, and we are curious to see it. I hope someone will take out his camera and send someone a good blurry shot of the tablet. Stay tuned with us, we’ll try our best to stay up to date with the Motorola tablet.