Samsung might ditch ARM in favour of Nvidia or AMD for GPU technology


It has been rumoured for quite a while that Samsung is planning to make its own GPUs for their Exynos chipset lineup. This was supposed to be ready in time for the Note5 launch, however things did not materialise.

Now, apparently Samsung is planning to stop using ARM’s Mali series of GPUs in their own chipsets in the future. Instead, they are planning to use Nvidia or AMD for the same.

They are already in talks with Nvidia and AMD to licence their GPU technologies. At the moment, it seems that Nvidia has an upper hand thanks to their superior Pascal architecture. But AMD also have a fair chance and should not be taken lightly since the Sony PS4 Pro too uses AMD’s Polaris architecture.

Next year, we can expect to see an Exynos chipset with HSA support (Heterogeneous System Architecture) which will allow the GPU and CPU to be located on the same bus thereby allowing them to share memory and tasks. This will allow for improved performance and graphics. The first one would still feature a Mali GPU but by 2018 , Samsung is expected to replace it with their own.

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Author: Sandeep Sarma

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