Why the Honor 5C has the most beautiful and balanced design in its price segment


Up until recently, there was a phase for smartphones where the materials used weren’t really premium. There was a lot of plastic and low quality materials being used that affected the end user experience.

Manufacturers have started using premium quality and premium grade metals such as metal and glass in the design. However, the issue is not just with the materials being used but also in the way that they are used. Even if smartphones are made with plastic, they need to have a build quality and need to add value to the end-user experience in terms of ergonomics etc. The Honor 5C is perhaps the best example of a design done well in its price range.


The Honor 5C has a metallic unibody design that oozes premium. Without taking a look at the specs sheet and price tag, it is practically impossible to tell the fact that the Honor 5C is a mid-ranger handset. The metal adds the right amount of weight to the entire smartphone and the weight distribution is done really well too. The brushed metal look at the back improves the visual appeal and makes it look more attractive while providing additional grip.


When metal is used in smartphones, there is known to be issues with reception and as a result, plastic cutouts or inserts are used on phones. This however, can look pretty ugly but that isn’t the case on the Honor 5C. The 5C features a bezel all around the back that extends to the sides. This plastic bezel blends in really well with the metal back plate and so does the colour. Normally, it is quite difficult to match the colour especially when it comes to different types of materials but Honor has aced it.


The plastic bezel too has a grooved pattern that further provides better grip when holding the phone. Another important thing that we should talk about is the camera bump at the back which protrudes only minimally compared to many other smartphones in this segment. Symmetry in design is also quite important and that can be perfectly seen at the bottom of the Honor 5C which has a micro USB port in the middle as well as a screw and a grill on either side of the micro USB port.


The size too is perfect for handling since the bezels aren’t that big and the screen is a 5.2″ one. The front too has a simple yet attractive design that looks quite elegant. The Honor 5C fits perfectly well in your palms thanks to the curved back and sides.


While it is one thing to talk about a smartphone, it is an entirely different thing to experience it. This is true especially for the design of a smartphone which is the most tangible aspect of a phone. The build quality and the entire experience of the Honor 5C is something that we recommend you to experience first hand to know just how well of a smartphone Honor has crafted.