Google pilots Hands Free mobile payment service

Google has announced that it has piloted a new Hands Free mobile payment system in the US. The service allows users to pay for items by simply telling the cashier “Paying with Google”.

Google HandsFree payments

Hands Free is currently available on Android and iOS devices and is rolling out to a small number of McDonald’s, Papa John’s, and local eateries in the South Bay area in the US. The service uses Bluetooth low energy, Wi-Fi, and location services on your phone to detect whether you are near a participating store. When you are ready to pay, you can simply tell the cashier, “I’ll pay with Google.” The cashier will ask for your initials and use the picture you added to your Hands Free profile to confirm your identity. Giving details about security,Google said that when you make a purchase, your full card details will not be shared with stores and you will receive an instant notification on your phone after making payment. The service will even alert you in case of any unusual activity.

Moving on Google says that at selected stores it is in the early stages of experimenting with visual identification meaning you will not need to even use your initials at the cashier. The visual identification process uses an in-store camera to automatically confirm your identity based on your Hands Free profile picture. All images captured by the Hands Free camera are deleted immediately. It must be noted that Hands Free payment service is separate from the Android Pay.


Author: Sneha Bokil

Sneha Bokil is a tech enthusiast and is currently using OnePlus 3T but she still treasures her Nokia N70 (M). You can follow her on Twitter @snehabokil and on Google+