BSNL 3G Data Recharge Vouchers

BSNL 3G is a actually a great service apart from the poor customer support. I barely use my Airtel Mobile Office GPRS connection after I got my BSNL 3G connection. I still have it because , Airtel’s network coverage is pretty good. But GPRS/EDGE is slow so I prefer using 3G. I get an average speed of  800Kbps to 1 Mbps.  Now after my free usage got over, I was paying Rs.1 per MB approx from my prepaid account balance which is expensive. BSNL 3G has 3G Data plans which are actually pretty reasonably priced. There are plans ranging from Rs.249 (500 MB Free usage ) to Rs.2499 (unlimited). A lot of users have been asking about how to recharge the 3G SIM cards with more usage.

BSNL 3G Prepaid Data Plans

So here are the various plans available. The best value for money plan is the 549 plan with comes with 1 GB of free day time usage and 5GB of night time usage. The night time is from 11pm to 7 am. And if you are roaming from your 3G area to another area which has BSNL 3G , you can still use the Free 3G usage.

The above plan charges don’t include the service tax of 10.3% so the actual cost is indicated for your reference below.

The charges for the unlimited plan have been reduced recently but it’s still expensive.

So Where can you get BSNL 3G Data Recharge Vouchers ?

The simple answer is you can’t get them anywhere like other prepaid recharge cards. You need to go to a BSNL Telephone Exchange or BSNL Mobile Showroom and ask for this recharge. You will need to fill a slip with your mobile number and the desired amount for recharge. Once you have paid the amount, your number will get the free usage corresponding to the plan within 10-15 mins and you will be notified by an SMS.

Author: Varun Krish

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