LG KP106B economy handset in India

The LG KP106

B candy bar has been launched in India.

Specs and features at a glance:

• 1.5-inch LCD screen
• 65k display
• 128×128 pixel resolution
• 123x115x64 mm, weighs 63 gms
• 16 polyphonic ringtones
• One touch FM key
• Supports both English and Hindi keypads
• Built-in hands free

• World clock
•  Multiple alarm
• Calculator
• Stopwatch
• Unit converter
• Store up to 300 phone numbers and 100 SMS messages
• Anti-theft mobile tracker

Anil Arora, Business Group Head, GSM, PCs and DAV LGEIL said, “By introducing this new basic phone in the market, we intend to cater to the needs of our entry level consumers who are looking for a handset which has a perfect blend of looks, features and brand name. The KP106B has a great battery life and hence an exceptionally superior phone in its segment and we are very positive that it will delight our customers.”

Glossy black with a 4 way metallic navigation key.

Rs. 2000