Samsung announces two new OLED displays – A transparent display and a mirrored display


Samsung has just announced two new and unique displays – one is a transparent display while the other one is a mirrored display.

The mirrored display shows the reflection of anyone who stands in front of it and also adds an augmented reality overlay. For example if someone is standing in front, the display can add a necklace or a pair of glasses to the persons neck or face respectively.


The transparent display allows displaying content on the screen while still having the background visible. As seen in the first photo, there is an advertisement being displayed on-screen but also being able to see whatever is behind the display.

Both the displays have Intel’s RealSense 3D technology built into them and Samsung apparently plans to implement the mirror display into fitting rooms to offer a virtually enhanced experience. Customers can simply stand in front of the display and then see how a particular item of clothing or jewellery looks on them then decide whether to actually try or buy.

Samsung’s displays are sharper and offer upto 40% of transparency which is much higher than what its competitors offer. Both these displays are more of concepts that displays Samsung’s technology rather than actual products directed towards consumers. Before it makes its way to customers, we are likely to see it being used in businesses and other organisations.These are two interesting products whose technology can be used well if adapted to smaller screens as well. We are sure in time they will but how exactly they go about it is something that we will have to see.

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Author: Sandeep Sarma

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