Samsung Galaxy Note 5 could be launched as early as July

Samsung Galaxy Note 4-2_fonearena

Samsung traditionally announce members of the Note family during IFA in Berlin every year and this year was thought to be no exception. But according to a source, the company is apparently planning to unveil the smartphone sometime in July itself in order to beat the iPhone 6S which is expected to reach the markets sometime in August.

Perhaps Samsung want to bank on the success of the Galaxy S6/S6 Edge and perhaps even tempt customers to buying the Note 5 when there’s shortage of the S6s. Doing so would also give Samsung the first mover advantage and the combo of Samsung Galaxy S6/S6 Edge along with the Note 5 will be good competition against iPhone 6S and its larger screened brother (iPhone 6S Plus).

Samsung plan to develop a fully functional prototype by mid June and begin pre-orders before the launch at the end of July. This will help Samsung sell quite a few units before Apple announces and releases the iPhone 6S as well as the 6S Plus. The iPhone 6 Plus got a big chunk of the phablet market which was previously dominated by Samsung’s Note series of devices. So if they do announce it earlier, it could help fight the battle.

We aren’t sure how accurate this rumor is. For all we know perhaps Samsung might just stick to their usual cycle and launch in September.

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Author: Sandeep Sarma

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