Microsoft acquires Office plug-in maker LiveLoop

Microsoft has scooped up LiveLoop startup, that offers Office collaboration tools, according to a report from Zdnet. LiveLoop’s service will shut down on April 24, as a result of the acquisition.


LiveLoop’s first product was a plug-in for PowerPoint that enabled multiple-user collaboration on a particular project, the report stated. The start-up posted a notice to its website that the its website announcing the shut down on April 24. LiveLoop will be deleting all presentations and user data on its platform after that point.

LiveLoop’s technology will be a benefit for Office, at a time when Microsoft is facing increased competition in the productivity space. The deal follows Microsoft’s acquisitions of calendar maker Sunrise and mobile email software builder Acompli, two other startups bought to enhance the company’s Office offerings. Microsoft released a rebranded version of Acompli as Outlook for mobile users, and Sunrise remains available to download as standalone software.

Author: Neha Aggarwal

She is an app addict and can be seen installing the latest version of apps both on Android and iOS before anyone else and loves writing about them. Her current devices include the iPhone 5S and OnePlus One and she’s excited about the Apple watch.