Chennai tops SMS usage in India survey says so

A new study in America reveals that Americans hardly use SMS technology and finish their social talks through calls and emails. This raises a question upon the trillions upon trillions SMS that were reportedly sent were nothing but marketing gimmicks and spam messages.
In the US, 82% of respondents indicated that they had never used the text messaging feature on their mobile phone. A full 3% indicated that they had used text messaging on, at most, a monthly basis, while 15% used text messaging “every week or more.”

But Chennai people are reigning superkings when it comes to texting. Chennai tops the list in
SMS Penetration in India. The percentage of mobile users using SMS in
Mumbai is 59%, Kolkata 63%, Bangalore 71%, Delhi 73% and Chennai 78%.
“In Chennai, around 80% of the mobile user SMS on their device, while
in Mumbai it is the least at 60%.However, number of messages sent per
day is relatively higher in Bangalore than any other city.
Interestingly number of SMS sent per day in Chennai is the lowest with
an average of 1.6 messages though there is more number of SMS users.
There is also difference based on gender. It was found that female
sends more number of messages than their male counterpart. The average
number of messages sent by a female mobile user is around 4.2 per day.

The survey reveals that SMS is used as a cheap mode of communication.”
Says the IDC India Website.

So indeed we are the SuperKIngs when it comes to technology too.

Author: Team FoneArena

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