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One of the biggest changes in Apple’s device portfolio of recent years was the introduction of the iPhone 6 Plus earlier this year; whilst Apple have previously made flagship handsets bigger, the iPhone 6 Plus is the first time the company has entered into the phablet arena but here they also face stiff competition. Apple are one of the last companies to enter the big-screen devices market and existing competition include handsets from LG, Nokia, Sony, HTC, Samsung and Huawei. So how does the iPhone 6 Plus compare to Huawei’s flagship phablet, the Ascend Mate 7?


Whilst the iPhone 6 Plus has a 5.5 inch display, the Ascend Mate 7 has a 6 inch LCD – both are 1080p Full HD resolution – and given the smaller screen size, you might expect Apple’s phablet to be smaller in size. As you can see, the iPhone 6 Plus has a half-inch smaller display but is almost identical in size to the Ascend Mate 7: the iPhone 6 Plus measures 158.1 x 77.8 x 7.1 mm which is slightly larger but narrower and thinner than the Ascend Mate 7 which measures 157 x 81 x 7.9 mm.


Both manufacturers have understood the need to include flagship features like a fingerprint sensor but with very different implementations; Apple opted to keep their home button and incorporate Touch ID (which first debuted on the iPhone 5S) whilst Huawei have gone for a sensor on the back beneath the camera which allows them to leave the front button-free. In the video above, we show you how the two differ in implementation and how they compare to the Samsung Galaxy S5.


Both handsets are considered thinner than average by current standards (in comparison, the Galaxy Note 4 is thicker than both handsets at 8.5 mm) but the narrower build on the iPhone 6 Plus makes it more ergonomically pleasing than the Ascend Mate 7. However, the larger display on the Ascend Mate 7 makes up for the slightly wider build and the presence of the home button on the 6 Plus necessitates that Apple couldn’t make the screen larger.

Overall, the iPhone 6 Plus has the nicer build quality with the rounded bezels but the Ascend Mate 7 has the larger display, better battery life and more connectivity options; deciding between these two handsets comes down to whether you prefer size over functionality.

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