Digiflip Pro ET701, XT811, XT911 Hands On

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Intel and Flipkart teamed up today to launch a range of new tablets running Android on the former’s Atom class of processors. Ranging from between Rs. 5,999 to Rs. 15,999, the ET701, XT811 and XT911 tablets are a marked improvement over their first effort. We spent some time with the tablets to find out if they are a compelling purchase for first time tablet owners. Here’s what we think about them. 

Digiflip Pro ET701

The entry level model or the most portable one as you might look at it, the Digiflip Pro ET701 packs a 1.2Ghz Z2520 Dual Core processor. Also under the hood is 1GB RAM and 8GB of storage. Not exactly high end but we found performance to be satisfactory. The tablet zips through the interface and there’s nary a lag anywhere.

Flipkart Digiflip Pro ET701 -1

What we didn’t like too much was the quality of plastics used. The ET701 doesn’t cast any illusions of being a premium device with glossy,fingerprint prone plastics all around. There’s a 2MP camera over at the back while a VGA camera serves as the front facing unit. The IPS panel has a resolution of 1024×600 which is definitely on the lower end of the spectrum but the quality of the panel somewhat makes up for it. Priced at Rs. 5,999, the Digiflip Pro ET701 should serve as a decent launch pad for first time tablet buyers. Expect an upgrade to Android Kitkat soon as the tablet runs 4.2.2 at the moment.

Digiflip Pro XT811

The 8 inch XT811 is the tablet that you should consider if you are looking for something a bit bigger but still portable. With a much more powerful 2.0 Ghz Intel Atom Z2580 processor powering the show, we noticed a perceptible improvement in performance. Unfortunately RAM is still limited to 1GB which we feel should have been bumped up. Users get 16GB of storage which can be further expanded. The tablet runs Android 4.2.2 and is guaranteed an update to KitKat.

Flipkart Digiflip Pro XT811 XT801 -1

The construction is a marked improvement over the ET701 and we found the quality of plastics to be above average. The dual tone finish at the back of the tablet looks particularly appealing. Where the tablet feels like a let down is in the display. While we had no complaints about the viewing angles, brightness or contrast levels, the resolution at just 1280×800 does feel like a let down. The Digiflip Pro XT811 will be priced at Rs. 10,999 and Rs. 8,999 for the WiFi + 3G and WiFi only versions respectively.

Digiflip Pro XT911

The Digiflip Pro XT911 is aimed at users looking for a more full sized tablet. With an 8.9 inch screen and large bezels, this isn’t really the most portable device out there. Add to that the heft and we don’t think we’d like to carry it outside the house. That said, with the added heft comes impeccable construction. The quality of plastics is top notch albeit very fingerprint prone. The screen which is an 8.9 inch Full HD panel is also a thing of beauty with great viewing angles and brightness levels.

Flipkart Digiflip Pro XT911 XT901 -1

Powering it is the same Z2580 Intel Atom processor as the 8inch tablet and is clocked at 2.0Ghz. What’s different is that this time around the RAM has been doubled to 2GB. You also get 16GB of storage. A 6,500 mAh battery should allow a full day of usage. The tablet is priced at Rs. 15,999 and 13,999 for the WiFi + 3G and WiFi only variants. Worth noting is that both the 8 and 8.9″ tablets are capable of making voice calls via a headset.

The new line of Digiflip Pro tablets powered by Intel processors bring higher end specifications and good allround performance at a compelling price point. Our early impressions were positive but it remains to be seen how well the tablets perform over extended usage.

Author: Dhruv Bhutani

Your friendly neighborhood techie. Currently using a Pixel 2 XL. Catch him on Twitter (@DhruvBhutani) / Facebook .