Google Glass Hands On – The future of wearable computing is here!


As you all know , the FoneArena team was IFA 2013 bringing you tons of content from the German capital Berlin.Just when we thought IFA2013 was coming to an end and we had to pack our bags to fly back home, we got a chance to try out Google Glass and hence we managed to record a demo too! If you are excited about wearable gadgets like smart watches , Google Glass is certainly going to impress you. Glass was launched almost a year ago at Google I/O and is still not available to the general public and it is selectively available only in the US to a hand picked set of developers and partners. So we were super lucky to get hold of one thanks to our friends over at who let us play with their unit. Check out our hands on demo below!


And before you even think Google Glass is not cool, here is a really nice press shot which makes the Glass looks like a fashionable gadget!

Google Glass is basically a very modern version of a connected wearable head mounted display. Think of it as something like Google Now on your Android phone suspended in front of your eyes and it takes voice commands! That is not some sequence from a Sci-Fi movie, this is how Google Glass works in reality.


The main component of the Glass is the display in front of your eyes. The display was clear and crisp and turns off when not in use. Google says that the display is equivalent to 25 inch high definition TV from 8 ft away. There is a touchpad on the right side of the glass which you use to wake up the device and navigate around. There is  a 5 Megapixel camera capable of taking stills and recording 720p video. There is 16GB of inbuilt memory out of which 12GB is accessible to the  user. In terms of connectivity Wifi – 802.11b/g and Bluetooth supported. You could use the MyGlass companion app and use glass for Google Maps and SMS.

Here is what you can do with Glass

  • Search
  • Take Pictures and capture videos
  • Get directions and use navigation in Google Maps
  • View Google Now cards
  • Have video calls using Hangouts
  • Send SMS messages and initiate phone calls
  • Check your email and calender

All you need to do is say “ok glass”  followed by your command and it works brilliantly! I tried to search for weather ,  navigation to a nearby city and also clicked a picture just by using my voice with Google Glass.

Currently the device is priced at $1500 for early adopters and is definitely priced like a luxury gadget.But it is the premium you pay for using technology of the future in the present day! Can’t wait for Google Glass to become commercially available. I’m totally getting one!

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