Motorola X Phone images show up on the internet

Motorola has long been known to be working on a flagship product to finally make them relevant in the Android smartphone segment. Despite being a part of Google, the company has struggled to be of any significance. The Motorola X is supposed to be the answer to those problems and thanks to Evleaks, we might have got our first look at the handset.

Codenamed Ghost, the handset is covered in a black non disclosure case but the back is believed to be the real deal. The handset is said to be made of polycarbonate which is a departure from the Kevlar made famous by Motorola’s recent devices. Additional details include the use of a 1080p display as is fast becoming common on all flagship phones.


The headphone jack will be centered while volume and power buttons will be at the right side of the smartphone. The X Phone will be making its way to Verizon and AT&T later this year. Not much is known about the specifications but expect to find 32GB of storage and 2GB of RAM under the hood. The Android smartphone will have an almost but not completely stock OS ROM with some customizations done by Motorola in the power management department. As long as they keep the interface layer clean, we don’t really mind this. We’ll keep an ear on the ground for more information about the Motorola X Phone and will update this space as we find out.

[Via – @EvLeaks]


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