Nexus-like Motorola prototype leaks out in pictures and video


Motorola has been dormant since the great Google acquisition with only a couple of device launches, namely the Razr i and the Razr/Razr MAXX HD. But with this new detailed leak, few of the remaining fans might be happy to see that the company is working on a new portfolio, which might be influenced by Google design. Known for its earlier high profile leaks, the Vietnamese site has leaked a confidential prototype Motorola device that pretty much resembles the Nexus 4 on its front. This mysterious device might just be a prototype, but we would really like to see it get iterated into a real product from Motorola, mainly because it is part of Google, now, and we might actually get to see the Google influences on the devices. You have pictures as well as a video of this device, check out the video below, for a lengthy hands on(warning, it’s Vietnamese)

The front of the phone looks like the Nexus 4, mainly because of the shape, the ear piece and the slightly curved glass display. Also, good to see that Motorola has taken cues for the on screen buttons, but they had already done it before with the Razr HD, yet they were slightly styled to resemble close to their minimalistic skin. However, it looks like the prototype might run Android almost stock with just a few widgets of its own. This has been the case for the earlier skins too, but we never know. It is also one of the reasons that makes us question the Google influence. Wouldn’t they want a stock experience, ideally?


Anyway, the back if this phone seems to sport a soft touch curved design from what we can see from the pictures. That is quite a departure from what Motorola has been doing with its devices, with their blocky design and sharp corners and edges. They way this device is rounded makes us feel even more Googl-y about this device. All said, do remember that this might just be another prototype phone that has left the flock and landed in the hands of a sneaky reporter. This might be just another rejected Nexus design too, for all you know.

That said, lets look forward to more information about this device, if this turns out to be a legit prototype that is now under way, from the Motorola factories. Also, we really doubt this could be the famed Google X device, if so, consider us pretty underwhelmed.

Source via TheVerge

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Author: Bharadwaj Chandramouli

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