Froyo Update for HTC Wildfire rolling out in India

The much expected FroYo update for the HTC Wildfire is finally rolling out in India. The update was recently available in UK. Now users in India can update their handset Over The Air (OTA) to Android 2.2

The OTA update is about 58 MB in size , so we would advise you to download the update over a WiFi connection. Notable improvements include ability to use your phone as a WiFi Hotspot and ability to install apps to the memory card.

To start the update go to settings->about phone-> system software updates

Make sure you backup your phone before proceeding with the update.

Thanks to all of you who sent this in !

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Author: Varun Krish

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  • Wildfire

    I have a wildfire trying to update it since yesterday but its still saying “There are no updates available”..Please help me…

    • ranjith

      me to not got the update still trying

    • u need currant firmware like ( 1.25.720.1) this is india i dont know for your & after go chake updates

    • maclin

      plz tell your current software number

  • MAK

    When Wildfire updated to FROYO then why not SAmsung SPICA ? which has better CPU ////…

  • Ravi

    Same here. someone explain it in detail??

  • Diljinder

    Same here.I haven’t received any notification about this update as yet ,also I checked system software updates several times but no luck.

  • kunal

    Even i m not able to update my wildfire yet
    …please help me..

  • Diljinder

    I read somewhere that this OTA Froyo update can be downloaded over 3G or wi-fi only.May be that’s reason most of us which use EDGE are unable to download it.

  • I believe its not available in India yet. No one has confirmed doing the OTA update yet.

    • Hye Juwal, it is very much available in india, i am in bangalore and updated my wildfire on 23 december morning. I shared update details and update photos on my blog.

  • Muhammad Ashraf Dar

    Hi keep me updating

  • Vis Roxx

    Well I got the update 5 days ago.

  • Ravi

    Trying to update it for past 3-4 days but its still saying “There are no updates available”. can anyone help me?

  • S.David Fernadnes

    Hi guys i am chennai(india), i updated my wildfire 4 days back to froyo, u have to updated either with wifii, 3G or gprs. As soon as you get connected to internet you will be intimated that the update is available and follow the onscreen instruction and enjoy the froyo. Now enjoying with froyo.

  • Nilanjan

    The update of the Android OS version for any phone model depends on three entities.
    1. Google – releases the OS
    2. Phone Manufacturer – modifies the Google released ROM and prepares a stock ROM
    3. The Service Provider – Makes it available to the end user

    For HTC Wildfire, India users, Froyo is available with Vodafone. I know this because I have done with the upgrade.

    You all please check with your SPs for the exact date of the availability.

    The best option is to check the update from your handset.

    Press the “Menu” -> “Settings” -> “About Phone” (scroll down, the last option) -> “System software updates” -> “Check now”

    You need any kind of internet connections to download the updated ROM. Its size is nearly 59Mb. So it’s recommended that you use a free connection and a fast one too. Otherwise, you have to wait really long for the download to be completed. But don’t worry, the download can be paused and resumed any time during the activity. 🙂

    The update is cool. Better performance. Less applications now go to cached inactive queue.
    GMail got a few changes. The radio as well.
    And as you all know already, apps can now be moved to SD card, if that is supported by the apps.
    A lot of features like flashlite and Apps Sharing were already in Wildfire from 2.1. firmware update, so no change there (Legend got these with Froyo).
    Live wallpaper seems to be not supported by Wildfire, though it’s now in for Legend with Froyo update. 🙁

    • Rajiv

      I couldnt update the normal way too.. I called up the service center. They asked me to reverse my time to 23rd Dec on the phone and keep the phone connected via wifi for 24 hours. I will have an auto prompt asking me to upgrade. I have had no luck in 3 hours yet. Will Update should this resolve the issue.

      • C. Datta

        I was told the same thing by the customer care. However, after I change the date to 23 Dec 2010, and enable Wi-Fi, the date gets changed to the current date, by itself. I would like to know, if I can keep the Wi-Fi disabled, until I get the notification, and after that, enable Wi-Fi and start the update.

        Any advice would be welcome. Thanks in advance.

  • ajak

    If you have firmware version, you will not get the update as of now. Only phones with firmware version are receiving updates. If you have firmware 1.14, Go to the nearest HTC service center and request them to update your firmware to and then check for the software update and you will receive the Android 2.2 (Froyo) update.

  • bALAJI

    I received the Update couple of days ago & by mistake i cancelled it.

    Now i am not able to find the way to get my Wildfire upgraded to 2.2
    The About option tells me that i have no updates.

    Someone help me to get this issue resolved.

  • Raj

    Now update is available at HTC service centre also.I have updated my Wildfire at HTC service centre in Pune.