Nokia N8 vs Canon IXUS 130 Camera Comparison

Here is a gallery showing the camera comparisons between the Nokia N8 and the Canon IXUS 130 digital camera. Let’s see who the winner is.The Nokia N8 has been set to the 9 Megapixel Mode and the Canon IXUS 130 is on the 10 Megapixel Mode.

The pictures taken by the Nokia N8 are on the left and the Canon are on the right. From the pictures, we can clearly see that though the Canon has a higher resolution thanks to the higher MP setting, the Nokia N8 produces more detailed and sharper pictures.

Anyway let’s wait and see for more comparisons and reviews to take a proper decision.

Nokia N8

Canon IXUS 130

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Author: Sandeep Sarma

Sandeep Sarma is a blogger and a freelance photographer. Apart from gadgets and phones, he also has a passion for movies and cars. He currently uses the S7 Edge as his main phone. Catch him on twitter at @sandeep9sarma

  • Woh…!!! There is no doubt, that Nokia N8 9 megapixel mode photos are much clear and sharper then Canon Ixus 130. Nokia is clear cut winner here. I really wonder if nokia 9 megapixel mode beat 10 mp canon Ixus 130, then Nokia N8 12 mp photos must be boom all’em. Such a great job by nokia.

  • ashton

    carl zeiss lenses pawned canon cameras =D

  • Michael Hell

    please correct the credits to, its solely his work! 🙂

  • aryan

    n8 rocks thanks Sandeep for this

  • Tiago Cunha

    Amazing quality. Best camera phone ever.

  • Ankit

    Hat’s of to the N8.
    Now I can’t wait anymore. I want it more desperately……..

  • maN8

    Great comparison !
    But NOKIA 8 12M Pixels are only 4/3 format (4000×3000). Only 9 M Pixels photos allows 16/9 format like HD TV !

    At least a smartphone with a REAL camera !

    Thanks Nokia 🙂

  • Smit Ramteke

    g8 job.. N* is winner no doubt…

  • gadgetbuster

    yeaaaaah. U said it right bro. If there is championship between n8 n any other phone, then n8 will undoubtly be champion like nokia n900 was. Not only its cam is great, it as whole is ‘THE GREAT NOKIA N8’. i watched a video of its preview, and the only words i can say is


    and 1 more thing
    it can change ur TV into a touchscreen operated TV


  • TSH

    Nokia isn’t looking to challenge DSLRs or HDV cameras – it’s the mini camcorders and the ~$220 P&S subcompacts that they have in their sights. And seeing these pics (and others around the place) I have to hand it to them.

    Viva la convergence!

  • jyoti

    mr amit… i think u do nt know photo quality does not differ in 9 0r 12 megapixel setting.. its same quality but size differ…..

  • anonymous

    dumb head , there are more pixels in 12 MP tan 9mp means more clarity.

    • rAg

      Another illiterate showoff!!

      Clarity isnt dependent on mp alone, the sensor is the one which decides about the clarity to major extent. a good sensor with just 3.2mp can beat the crap out of a normal sensor with a 12mp resolution as well…

  • sayamanta

    sad guys,u should adjust the IXUS properly!

    IXUS is much more better!
    nokia sucks!

  • Darkway

    You guyz really can’t compare apple with orange. Some of you are just nokia fanboy and trying to say n8 camera better than a dedicated digital camera which is really silly.Just think n8 doesn’t have any optical zoom. Lense quality in a mobile phone camera can’t be as good as a dedicated digital camera.You should have picked some other brand of digital camera for comparision cause in point and shoot market very few brand beats canon. In the above picture you have messed up with canon’s setting to deliberately make the picture look bad. Truth is mobile phone camera will never cath up with a dedicated digital camera in terms of lense quality, sensor and optical zoom.

    • turboglendz

      Wow! You are so in DENIAL. Yes, the n8 does not have optical zoom. Can Canon receive calls? Anyway, the point is this in case you are so naive to understand- the pics taken by the N8 are better.

    • Zin Blade

      the lens in nokia n8 is a prime lens whereas the lens in ixus 130 is a zoom lens. usually prime lens are always superior to zoom ones. of course the n8 does not have optical zoom, but here we are comparing image quality not features. for your information the sensor of the n8 is bigger than that of the canon’s.