T-Mobile G2 benchmark result leave Nexus One behind

I saw some of the people dropped the T-Mobile G2, because they think that the 800 MHz processor in it is just a one slow processor. As I said before that the processor in G2 is a next generation processor, and it’s better than the 1 GHz processor in Nexus One, and now I have a proof for it. After the break, you will see T-Mobile G2 running Quadrant, and the benchmark result is proving that G2 is better than Nexus One. G2 benchmark score is 1499, which is higher than Nexus One which is running on Android 2.2. Have a look on the video:


So folks, what do you think? Are you getting the G2?

via AndroidSPIN

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  • Fira

    The latest stock Android 2.2.1 FRG83 update has Nexus One getting 1500 score using Quadrant benchmark. And the Nexus One is a 8 month old cellphone! I am happy with my N1!!

  • Stricken23

    Backing up Fira’s comment, my N1 has recieved the OTA for FRG83 and full standard Quadrant benchmark is showing 1508. My N1 will be king for at least another 4 months!

    • yow

      Actually nexus one’s reign will be over before christmas starts because of the dual core phones. it is safe to say that the nexus one is the fastest 1 ghz phone

  • G2/EVO/MT3G-Owner

    I just got 1539 on my G2 quadrant benchmark. All stock.

  • nice result, in europe we don’t have this smartphone