Samsung SGH-i916(Cetus?) leaked, posing with iPhone 4

We already know that Samsung is working on 2 Windows Phone 7 powered phones (may be their working on other WP7 phones too), and they are known as the Samsung Cetus SGH-i916 and Samsung GT-i8700. You people may have seen the GT-i8700 a few days ago, and you may also have heard about the Cetus which is coming to AT&T. Our friends our at Engadget got their hands on a shot in which you can see the Samsung Cetus is head to head with the Apple iPhone 4 in the image above. There’s a little confusion, the device model number is SGH-i916, which is a little different from Cetus model number we saw, but the design of the both devices are the same. May be the SGH-i916 is bound for Canada, and SGH-i917 is for USA, this might be true. So if  the SGH-i916 is the Canadian version, may be you will see it on Rogers, Bell, or Telus in next few months. May be this is Canada’s first WP7 device, so are you excited our Canadian fellows?

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