Nokia N900 Maemo Masters Edition

Here is the unboxing of the Nokia N900 Maemo Masters edition we received from Nokia India.

Here is what you get in the Nokia N900 Maemo Masters Edition

Here is what you get with the Maemo Masters Edition

  • Nokia N900
  • Maemo Master T-Shirt
  • BH-214 Bluetooth headset
  • Stickers

If you want to buy one of these Nokia N900 Maemo Master Limited Edition Devices ,  Head over to our facebook page and chk out the discussion thread

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Author: Varun Krish

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  • Just for few goodies… Briefcase izz required?? But the tag of “Maemo Master” is very good.

  • sivakumar

    it a great gadget to use wonderfull os, i am using the phone in aircel network the signal strength is very bad indoors in fact i miss many calls. i dont know how to solve the problem

    • Wicked Angel

      Its really simple pls change your network…

  • Stylinred

    that would be cool if the Vertu was delivered in something like that

    but this is really just a novelty.. cute but meh

  • Wiredback

    ..and this is good for what? i love the n900 n maemo, but tis js shit rly.