FoneArena is one of the most influential gadget blogs in the world

FoneArena is one of the most influential independent gadget blogs in the world  !

According to folks at Konector who published a recent report on Top gadget blogs attract over 40 million visitors. FoneArena is one of the top 3 most influential blogs  !

The Konector report names the most influential independent gadget blogs and bloggers; Releases essential data & details for marketing, advertising and PR professionals worldwide

NEW YORK – February 24, 2010 – The top 150 independent gadget blogs attract over forty million visitors a month, according to The Top Independent Gadget Blogs and Bloggers. The report compiled and published by Konector, the first company to use detailed audience analysis to rank the top blogs, provides marketing, advertising and PR professionals with key data and stats on the most influential blogs they should target to promote their brands online.

Understanding the focus and reach of these influential tech blogs is essential for companies focused on brand promotion and reaching their target demographic. “Forty million visitors a month is a huge number, and what’s more these are decided views,” notes Brett Norval, Konector senior analyst.

“Three of the most influential blogs ReadWriteWeb, MakeUseOf and FoneArena in India each receive well over a million unique visitors a month, and the majority of people accessing these sites have made an active decision to view the blog. They are not driven by curiosity or advertising. They have a genuine interest in the content which is why they are an important audience to reach,” Norval explains. “Technology companies can get their brands in front of those targeted consumers from the get-go, and then reap the benefits from being able to monitor the conversations on a regular basis, gather all the feedback and – so – measure the real success of their marketing campaigns.”

But it’s not about footfall. Marketing, advertising and PR professionals must connect with quality audiences of influencers who will accept and amplify their message. To achieve this Konector uses a unique methodology to measure the quantity and quality of visitors. “When ranking the blogs we focus on three main criteria – reach, frequency and interaction,” says Kingsley Maunder, a director at Konector. “We therefore use our proprietary Online Impact Factor to measure how many people visit a blog, how often they visit that blog, the time spent on the blog and how active they are once they get there.”

What separates the top influential gadget and technology blogs from the others?

Many of the leading gadget blogs are keenly focused on a specific topic and a select audience. These topics can range from USB devices, to VoIP, tophotography. However, Konector found that the majority of top blogs share a focus on mobile and mobility. “Mobile phone blogs like Daily Mobile,Pocketables, MobileWhack and Concept Phones attract a large readership base,” Maunder says. “This is most likely due to the pervasiveness of mobile devices, and the confusion created by the sheer volume of mobile brands and services consumers can choose from. Audiences clearly gravitate to blogs that can cut through the noise.”

At the other end of the spectrum MSearchGroove, Mobile Industry Reviewand Wireless and Mobile News, websites that cover the latest news, analysis and events impacting the mobile industry, are also gaining in popularity. MSearchGroove, for example, has built a solid following of executives and influencers by providing analysis and commentary on mobile search, mobile advertising and social media.

“Mobile is no longer about technology. From healthcare and education to advertising and augmented reality (AR), mobile sits at the center acting as a catalyst for improvement and innovation,” notes Peggy Anne Salz, MSearchGroove Founder and Chief Analyst. “To keep pace with this change – or even lead it — companies naturally need to connect directly with a Long Tail of blogs and bloggers. Konector effectively identifies the sites that matter most in the industry, and I am proud that MSearchGroove, a knowledge resource and thinking space for the mobile industry, is among them.”

“Focusing on a particular target market is a successful strategy,” Norval says. “FoneArena, for example, has done particularly well to capture the huge Indian market, and is consequently one of the top three gadget blogs in the report.” Targeting a specific age demographic is also key. “CrunchGear, and Daily Mobile are among the blogs that appeal to the 18-35 year old market. Mobile Industry Review, PreCentral, and BGR have a greater impact on the 35-50-age-group.”

Another factor that differentiates the leading blogs from others is their use of social media to spread information. “The majority of bloggers use Twitter to connect with their audiences and raise profile. Some sites, including Scobleizer,Tracy and Matt’s Blog, Techielobang and, also use Facebook and YouTube to reach readers,” Maunder says. “Their use of social media has huge advantages for marketers. Technology companies can also work with bloggers to promote their products on popular social networks, significantly increasing brand awareness.”

About the Top Independent Gadget Blogs and Bloggers report:

The Top Gadget Blogs and Bloggers report provides marketing, advertising and PR professionals with key data and stats on the most influential gadget and technology blogs they should target to promote their brands online, helping them understand:

* Which blogs have the most impact in gadgets
* Which bloggers have the most impact on their audience
* Which bloggers have a captive audience most suitable for their target market (by demographic and location)
* Which bloggers promote and review products and services most suitable for their brand

The Top Independent Gadget Blogs and Bloggers report will also give marketing, advertising and PR professionals additional insight into promoting their brands on social networks, including YouTube, Facebook, MySpace and Twitter, giving them an opportunity to increase their exposure to this wider audience.

A detailed overview of the report, including sample pages can be found at

About Konector:

Konector is the first company to use detailed audience analysis to rank the top blogs in order to provide marketing, advertising and PR professionals with the confidence to know which blogs and bloggers have the greatest influence to promote their brands online.

Thank you all for reading FoneArena !

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