What is Dual Pixel technology?

Vivo ranks high amongst the brands that have been at the forefront of smartphone innovation. Be it in-screen fingerprint recognition, hi-fi music chips, motorized cameras or sheer camera technology, the company is making massive strides towards bringing the next-generation technology to consumers. The X21 was amongst the first Vivo smartphones with Dual Pixel camera technology (2PD). With the V11 Pro launch right around the corner, we expect the phone to pack the same tech. Let’s take a deeper look into the Dual Pixel technology to see what makes it tick. Continue reading “What is Dual Pixel technology?”

Sandisk Mobile Storage Solutions: The Best Way to Backup Your Phone

Early on a Sunday morning, I get a frantic call from a cousin. I need help, he says. I accidentally dropped my phone and it looks like I’ve lost all the photos from my honeymoon. Did you not backup your phone, I ask him. Or at least store the data in a storage solution? No, he said. Continue reading “Sandisk Mobile Storage Solutions: The Best Way to Backup Your Phone”

Obi Hornbill S551 – Unique features and differentiation

Obi Hornbill S551_fonearena-12

Obi Mobiles is a relatively new player in the extremely crowded smartphone space in India. Naturally, differentiation is key for sustenance and plays an important role in product design and marketing. The Octopus S520 was the company’s first smartphone, with value for money as the key differentiator. Following that trend, the Hornbill S551 was announced recently. We recently unboxed this device and showed you some photos, but in this article, we are going to see what its unique features are, that differentiate it from the crowd.


Continue reading “Obi Hornbill S551 – Unique features and differentiation”