Samsung Galaxy S3 mini review


We are currently at a stage in which screen sizes of phones have become obnoxiously huge and whenever a manufacturer releases its flagship, it’s almost a certainty that it is going to be bigger than the previous flagship. This is the trend, and some people were sick of it, including some of us. So, when Samsung announced the Galaxy S3 mini, it was supposed to be the S3 for people with smaller hands, and for people who were just sick of huge screens. But, does it live up to the expectations of a smaller S3, or is it a completely different phone which is just smaller in today’s standards? We will be answering you these questions in our detailed review below.

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Samsung Galaxy S3 Mini Unboxing


Almost six months have passed since the launch of the Samsung Galaxy S3 mini in Europe. It never reached the subcontinent as Samsung had planned to launch other devices with similar specifications here, like the Galaxy S Duos, which is basically a Dual SIM version of the Galaxy S3 mini. However, there are lots of differences between the S3 mini and the S Duos when it comes to the internals. Just for comparisons sake, you have to know that the S3 mini looks exactly like the S Duos. With that said, the S3 mini is an interesting device on its own, and since we have got it in our labs now, here it is, our unboxing video –

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