Sony Ericsson X10: Negatives and Conclusion!

I already told you some Things i really like about the Sony Ericsson X10, this huge white Android Device I’m currently trialing, thanks to Sony Ericsson Austria. All the positive Things I posted are rather expected and should be natural if you look at the Specs of the X10. Unfortunately, the X10 leaves a lot to be desired. I have trialed 3 Sony Ericsson Devices in the last few Months and none of them was good enough, that i’d actually consider buying it. The X10 is in that Line as well, although I think a lot can be corrected here with a gigantic Software Upgrade, which already brings me to my first Point:

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Apple iPad Review Roundup

Apple iPad is hitting stores on April 3rd and you already saw some ipad unboxing videos from high profile US publications who have been reviewing Apple’s Tablet for over a week now. Here is a round up of the iPad reviews so far and looks like Apple has got most things right on the iPad atleast the reviews say so.  It’s not a perfect device but it creates a whole new digital experience

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