Dubai At Night Through The Eyes Of The Nokia N8

I was recently invited to the pre-launch of the Nokia N8 in the Middle East, which took place in Dubai, and while it was my first time handling the N8 and I came away pretty impressed, one thing I wanted to do was be able to test the camera. We were in Dubai, Nokia was launching a 12MP cameraphone, and they didn’t think it’d be smart to give us each an N8 to take photos, you know, to convince us of how cool their phone is! They only had 4 or 5 N8s for us to test, hooked to an alarm-triggered table, inside the conference walls, with awkward lights around them. Not cool. Especially when you think that with Xenon flash and the largest sensor for a cameraphone, the N8 is basically made for night photography.

Lucky for me though, I was able to snatch one prototype from a Nokian (insert evil laugh) and get loose around Dubai for a few minutes before having to hand it back reluctantly, not forgetting, obviously, to bluetooth the images I took over to my N97 Mini. Continue reading “Dubai At Night Through The Eyes Of The Nokia N8”