Freedom 251 Review

Freedom 251-11A lot has been said and written about Ringing Bells, the company behind the infamous Freedom 251 handset. A phone that has almost reached mythical status due to the ambiguity around its availability. While the company says that they’ve started shipping the phones, large-scale availability still remains a concern. We got our hands on a review unit to bring you the low down on what makes the Freedom 251 tick.   Continue reading “Freedom 251 Review”

Altec Lansing Freedom earphones offer a truly wireless listening experience


Up until now, most wireless pair of earphones always came with a wire that connected the two. Sometimes that wire its flexible and sometimes its rigid. But no matter what, they are always distracting and now, Altec Lansing has come up with new earphones that are truly wireless as they make do without the wire connection between the earbuds.

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