Dual OS Geeksphone Revolution to launch on 20th February for 289 Euros

The Geeksphone Revolution was introduced as one of the first ever devices to come with two operating systems out of the box, Android and Firefox Boot2Gecko. The Spanish handset maker, known for making other Firefox phones, will be launching it on the 20th of February for a price of 289 Euros(around 24,500 INR). Powered by the Intel Z2560 processor with PowerSGX544 for graphics, the Geeksphone revolution will be able to switch between two operating systems with ease. Sporting a 4.7 inch 960×540 screen and a 8MP camera, the phone is aimed at the mid-range segment, with the choice of OS being the obvious advantage here. Here are its complete specifications –

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ZTE Open Unboxing


Yet another Smartphone OS in an already crowded market? Is there a breathing gap for platforms with differentiated offerings? So many questions needed answering when the Firefox OS was announced. And now it is here, residing within a handful of devices. Firefox OS might be the litmus test for a new OS’ sustainability in a fiercely competitive market. And for sustainability, any OS needs hardware, and tailored ones are the demand of the day. So Firefox announced their partnerships with several manufacturers for manufacturing low cost devices to push their platform forward to the ideal first smartphone user segment. ZTE is one of them, and one of their first devices featuring the Firefox OS is the ZTE Open.

The name Open signifies Firefox’s mobile vision in a word. The platform is based on web technologies, and much like Firefox, the browser, most apps it has run on HTML5 or Javascript. Previously we had seen phones or apps based on web technologies didn’t perform that well, and that was exactly the case with FFOS too, when we had last seen the ZTE Open at the MWC event. But, has it changed, is it smoother and usable now? We unbox this low cost device to find out –


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Mozilla unveils new Firefox OS developer preview phones – Keon and Peak

Mozilla just unveiled the first Firefox OS developer preview devices, Keon and Peak, that were developed in partnership with Geeksphone. The Firefox OS has been around for a while in beta form since its announcement way back in 2011. The Firefox OS is a HTML5 based mobile operating system which is entirely open source and accomplishes complete hardware control for HTML5 apps on phone. The UI was revealed last year and it received a lukewarm response. Adding to the growing list of open source operating systems on phones, Firefox has now taken the next step by launching developer preview devices which will mean that they are serious about the most important aspect of a smartphone, apps.

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