Nokia E7 Live Pics

nokia e7

The Nokia E7 Pics are here. FoneArena was live from Nokia World 2010 and we had the chance to play with the E7. The phone has killer looks and the Anodized aluminum which was first seen on the N8 makes it way to the E series family . Here are pics of the E7 in Green , Black , Silver White and Orange. The 4 inch display looks gorgeous with the CBD ( Clear Black Display). Nokia E7 is Communicator / Business phone . Continue reading “Nokia E7 Live Pics”

Nokia E90 Has Serious Microphone Problems

Is Nokia getting sloppy with its handset production, or is the entire list of faulty components just a bad dream? As if the battery issue was not enough, Nokia E90 seems to come with several other drawbacks, some of them serious enough to endnokiae90hasseriousmicrocu2.jpg

anger its production.

Many newly Nokia E90 Communicator owners have complained about microphone problems and scratches on the internal screen due to the keyboard. Such situations must have been overlooked in the development stage, as they are actually the result of minor slips. Moreover, an EMEA network operator which has been selling the E90 last month registered a 70 percent return rate. That’s a huge number which shows that there is the device has serious problems to solve before daring to show its face to customers again. Continue reading “Nokia E90 Has Serious Microphone Problems”