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  1. We have purchased 828B phone in Bellary city of Karnataka state in the month of Oct 2007. The phone has developed problem in May 2008. When contacted the sales outlet, they have refered to service agent in Bellary, who is not interested to repair within the warranty period. Request to kindly advice.

  2. Hi, My name is SAM . I just wanna know that what\\â??s the price of Nokia N96. I\\â??ll be highly oblige to you.

  3. dear sir
    i am big fan of your site
    basicaly i am from UP, and i have blind faith on your technical
    advices and technical features related to GSM mobile phones
    i want to know one thing, if any mobile handset manufacturer, drops
    the prices of their handsets (even some times less than half from
    launching price) what are the reasons for great price drop, are the
    manufacturer compromise with the launching quality of the set?, means
    the quality is also droped with the rates?, they compromises with the
    quality also?
    please tell me i think you are the perfect source for knowing this reason
    thanking you
    yours faithfully
    sanjay singh

  4. Could you please send me your website where i can purchase mobile thru online? thanks

  5. Is it possible now t0 buy a NOKIA 1100 Phone by any means? Will You help me:?
    Repply soon

  6. i want to buy MOTO MING(A1200)
    this phone is not being available in hyderabad ,AP.
    i want to buy it at any cost
    please please help me

  7. Hi,

    Can you please provide me the details specifications of Nokia latest mobiles and their prices.


  8. i am very happy to see your site and to know latest prices of mobiles and their details.

    I am also glad to know recent market by mobiles.

    thanking you.

  9. i purchased one samsung i 710 phone 7 months back. Its metalic coating on the borders are now fading a lot and is in un ugly look. what is this . it costd around 18000 rupees. can you replace the body please inform me as early as posible. More over it has no range in most places it shows \”no service\” even in cities but the other mobiles show thw signal. what sir why ur products are like this? its very cruel to the costomers. If its an ordinary phone i will not write such a comment . please respond

  10. Plz provide the service center in india. FLY SX210. Cell Phone.

  11. When will Sony Ericsson V600 available in indian market ? what will be it’s price ?

  12. Sir,

    I have already inform you that I have a handset of your company B700. which i purchase in May 08 basically this is dual SIM mobile. after three months its second SIM is not working. I went for your Authorised Service centher in Jaipur Which is Accel Frontline Limited, on 21.07.2008, they told me i will come after two days. when i went after two days they told me that they are not capayable to repair handset and they have sent my mobile at Delhi. any of your Autorised service centre i have follwo-up many time at local at M/s Accel Frontline Ltd. and also Delhi with Mr. Asutosh. But almost 22 days are complete but Still i have not received my Mobile. This is my Second mail to you. Please do needful othervise i have to take any Legal dission. This is clearly i have maintion. In future you have come any Legal leavy you Fly Mobiles are responsibal.


    Chandra Shekhar Sharma

  13. Sir. Iam residing at tamilnadu state tiruvannamalai distict.kadaladi village.k790i my cellphone not connect to pc .reasion hardware problem modem problem.pls inform near place service centre?pls call 9894062571 thank you

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