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  1. Sir,

    I do not understand what you meant by cd cost, because i’m not talking abouit cd, talking about Nokia Vodafone, mod. 6234, 2megapixel. i’m having restricted code problem.

    Thank you


  2. I am planning to buy a nokia 6233 phone whose current market price is Rs. 8300. Can you let me know if I can buy this phone in installment? Get back to me ASAP.

  3. Dear sir,i need the contact numbers of your’s
    for my queries regarding mobile phone prices
    (suggested toll free ) , and may i know on which bases your prices are effect with tax or exclusive of tax?and its exact market price?

  4. Please call me Iam in hyderabad India and want to purchase a PDA Iam confused please help I will buy ASAP. Please cll me at #9440057478

  5. in the camera section
    instead of writing the size of the pics

    its better if you give whether its VGA, 1.3,2.3,3.2,5 megapixel

    bacause the user will want to know that,whether the phone has 2 mp cam or 3.2

    & finally everubody knows that the camera is inbulit

  6. sir/madam,
    kindly tell me the disadvantage of a phone not having a video player. I liked the moto rizr z3 very much(in reviews), but it doesn’t have a vid. player whereas mot. slvrl. L9 has. can it be downloaded? what are it’s functions? kindly reply and elaborate as you feel suitable.
    thanking you
    yours sincerely
    B S S

  7. dear sir, i need the shops contact details where i can go and purchase the mobile in delhi. my no. is 011 66114809

  8. i am very intrested of ur nokia1108 mobile but we are not finding this mobile in the market thats why i want to purchase this mobile through company please send me the details

  9. I have a consultancy in assam guwahati, bhangagarh.asam india. i wnt to get a dealership agency for vodafone in assam.

  10. hi.i m using o2 xda stealth…it worked fine for 6 mnths…all f a sudden it startd hanging…so do u hav any sol for that………..

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