The new HTC One gets a 14 minute video preview

all-new-htc-oneThe all new HTC One hasn’t even launched yet, but the Internet is still abuzz with leaks and videos of this device. It is all set to launch tomorrow at an event in New York but that hasn’t stopped a German blogger from posting an in-depth video preview of the highly anticipated flagship device from the Taiwanese manufacturer. The video, in German, shows off the entire hardware and bits and pieces of the new Sense 6 UI, which gets up to speed with other OEM skins with features like Double tap to wake, gets on screen buttons and a slightly differently styled UI with Android 4.4 KitKat on board. Here’s the full video –


As the video reveals, the top part of the new HTC One seems to be made of plastic, while the entire body otherwise is made of aluminium. There is no plastic strip running through the sides of the phone this time, so the comfort levels should be much higher with it being all-metal. However, yes, there is a dark plastic strip at the top and also the bands that run through the phone on its back, presumably to increase the reception of the antenna and house some components that can’t work with metal. The top houses the power button and the IR blaster, of which the former could have been positioned elsewhere.

About the cameras on the back, if we are reading the comments right, the uploader says it has a 4.1 MP Ultrapixel camera(the large unit) and a small 2 MP unit above it from creating a depth map, by calculating the distance between it and the objects. Contrary to our initial belief that the 4 MP camera will be the one used for image manipulation purposes, it seems like the opposite. So, we don’t have any high res camera above, if the uploader is to be believed, we only have a 2 MP camera that we may never get to see on the viewfinder as it is purely used for computing. Take this with a small pinch of salt, as we are still not entirely sure on how this might pan out, but from the video, the focus changing and the 3D mode looked really cool.

The uploader also shows off Sense 6 and the small UI changes, including the ones to the camera(which looks slick!). HTC’s Blinkfeed has been slightly revamped, and KitKat flavoured UI elements have been added but not many other differences were shown off. But you can, of course, go ahead and watch the full video to see if there is something new. With that said, we still look forward to what HTC has to offer, as we will be live from the launch event tomorrow at New York, so stay tuned to the blog for more information on the new HTC One.

Source YouTube via Android Police

Author: Bharadwaj Chandramouli

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