Idea Cellular’s Talk For India Initiative

Talk for India

Idea Cellular, One of India’s leading GSM Service Provider has come up with an innovative concept for November 26 2009 i.e. tomorrow, which urges all the Indian citizens to get up and contribute, as India commemorates the anniversary of the devastating Mumbai Tragedy which happened on 26/11/08.

What do you have to do?

If you are an Idea Customer-

Tomorrow i.e. 26th November 2009, you need to pick up your phone, make a phone call and talk during the “Talk For India” hour i.e. between 8:36 pm and 9:36 pm. The Net Income generated from all voice calls made by Idea subscribers within India during this one hour will be donated to the police force of India in order to strengthen it and also procuring better protective gear for them. So Schedule all your calls onto the “Talk For India” hour and also postpone any calls that you can, onto this hour.

If you are not an Idea Customer-

lf you don’t have an Idea connection, ask any of your friends who are Idea subscribers to call you during the “Talk for India” Hour.

This initiative has been designed to raise funds which will benefit thousands of valiant men present in Indian Security Forces, who risk their lives for the safety of Indian citizens.

So we urge you to help Idea in this intiative and contribute as much as you can.

For more details on Idea’s Talk For India initiative, you can visit


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