HTC posts a Infographic showing how Android updates are dealt

Most of the Android smartphone manufacturers fail to provide the newer Android version upgrades in time and we are inclined to believe that it is a very tough and long process. HTC too hasn’t been much different from the other manufacturers in providing updates for its smartphones on time. Today, HTC have posted a huge and long infographic detailing the work flow of how an Android system upgrade is delivered to the end user.


The infographic mainly concerns users in countries where updates are sent out through the carrier(not India), but seeing the infographic, one can get a clear understanding of the various processes involved in pushing a software update to a smartphone. HTC has classified its devices into three categories – Carrier devices, Unlocked/Developer devices and Google Play Edition devices. Among the three variants, the carrier devices are the ones that take a lot of time because of the larger number of steps involved.

In addition to the infographic, HTC has also posted the status of its current update cycle. The status page is primarily concerned with only the latest flagship – HTC One and the latest software update for it – Android 4.4 KitKat. Below the HTC One status, HTC has given  a list of five devices – HTC One Max, HTC One Mini, HTC One X/X+, HTC One S and Droid DNA along with the version of their latest software.

Author: Monish Kumar

Monish is passionate about smartphones who is also interested in User Experience and Design. He is currently using Samsung Galaxy S3. You can follow him on Twitter and Google+