Rollable cell phone screen


When we are fighting to share limelight and craving to be noticed only way to do it is to prove to be different. So does a company that has suffered tremendous losses thrive to be up and coming, it can be achieved only by inventing something new. Well that is what is going about in the Motorola camp.


Motorola has recently filed patents for a rollable cell phone display. It seems that this new display will feature “an interface that is made of a flexible material and has an active and inactive position. The interface is coupled with a reservoir. The reservoir is used for storing electrorheological fluid. The user interface system also includes a source that is coupled to the reservoir. The source is used for applying an electric field to the electrorheological fluid when the interface is in the “active position”.

Due to the fact that no additional information about this gadget’s characteristics, design and price is given there is no possibility to say something about its usefulness, advantages and disadvantages. Yet the concept itself is very unusual and original, so after its introduction to the market some lovers of this cell phone may appear. But now the only thing we can do is to guess about the name that would be given to the product in the future.

Well with the company s future itself is keeping everyone guessing so not a big deal to anticipate such a fantastic product.

Author: Team FoneArena

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