Sony releases the WG-C20, a more portable 2nd gen Wireless Server for your Smartphone


Remember the crazy WCG-10 wireless server from Sony? They have released a successor to it, but it now looks a lot slimmer, just like the Xperia devices, and it can now charge them too! Funnily enough, at first glance, one would think it is actually the back of a Xperia device. A quick recap of what it does is, it’s a portable solution that can connect wirelessly to your smartphone and back-up files, or even let you access the files already in the server and play it back. Pretty interesting concept, that is possibly better explained in a video –

The main features of the new Sony WG-C20 are –

  • Just slip in an SD card to wirelessly play and share content
  • NFC for easy one-touch wireless connection with your phone
  • Charges your smartphone or tablet’s battery
  • Play content on DLNA-enabled TVs or home audio devices
  • Share files with up to 8 other wireless users simultaneously, with easy, secure access control
  • Slim, colourful looks style-matched to new Xperia™ phone

In a nutshell, the WG-C20 is all about storing your photos wirelessly, with a portable solution. Now that the new one is extremely slimmer(9mm) than the old WCG-10, the product makes much more sense for continuous back up or just wireless streaming. This is also the first Sony Wireless server to support NFC based pairing for WiFi Direct, all the while acting as a portable charger for your smartphone or tablet.


The WCG-20 can also connect with your phone over USB if needed. While it does not come with in-built storage, the portable media server supports all kinds of SD cards, micro SD cards as well as external USB drives via the full sized USB port. With a 3000 mAH battery to power it up, the wireless media server will let you connect over DLNA from any client like a phone or even a TV. Nice that Sony have taken this concept forward. It is now more portable than ever, so will this niche product take off at least now?

Source Sony

Author: Bharadwaj Chandramouli

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