Mobile phones Travel fast than Electricity

I know this is a rare (read: impossible) phenomenon, but this has happened in the Kajrai village, which is 80 km from Sagar in Madhya Pradesh.

In this remote village people have mobile phones (impressive) but they don’t have electricity to charge them. The villagers are so mush into mobile phones that they travel a whooping 20 kms just to charge them. 30 to 40 people have mobile phones in this village and they don’t mind traveling 20kms just to charge them. Normally people buy mobile phones because they are on the move and they don’t want to miss calls from their near & dear ones but, in this village, it seems mobile phones have literally made the villagers mobile. And what makes them travel 20 kms just for charging the mobile phones…’s the ignorance from the government to get electricity in this god-forsaken village. Recently, Oscar Fernandes asked communication service providers to give phones to farmers in just 500 Rs and in this village people don’t have electricity to charge their mobile phones….it is true that India is a land of contrast.

[Image Via: IBN Live]

Author: Team FoneArena

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