LG Preparing Octa-Core Odin Processor

‘It’s been a while since rumors indicated that LG was also trying to create its own mobile processors in order to catch up with the leading brands. It seems that LG is preparing to use its own octa-core processor known as “Odin” for the upcoming Optimus G2 smartphone.

The Odin processor will be very similar to the Samsung Exynos  5 Octa in the sense that it will also use four Cortex A15 cores and four Cortex A7 cores. LG plans to mass produce them by using 28 nanometer level processing along with high-k metal gate (HKMG) technology.

The processors will be manufactured by the Taiwainese company – TSMC since LG do not have their own chip manufacturing factories.  The processor will probably be equipped first in the Optimus G II which is expected to be announced at IFA later on.

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Author: Sandeep Sarma

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