LG rubbishes Nexus 4 supply issues and new Nexus device

Just some time back Google was talking about the supply of the Nexus 4 from LG scarce and erratic. The devices went out of sale from the Play store real quick and haven’t found its way back since then. There were also reports about LG stalling Nexus 4 manufacturing as it will be bringing a new Nexus device and LG has scrapped this news too.

With Google holding LG responsible for the problem with Nexus 4 sales, I don’t think they will repeat this mistake by letting them make another Nexus device, and even if they do I think it would have been Google’s plan to manufacture few Nexus device altogether. Now an unnamed LG official has said to  Chosun Ilbo that the production of Nexus 4 is going as planned by Google. Now obviously LG does not want to be the bad guy and wants a good image so this is a classic pointing fingers game which is going on between Google and LG.

Even if LG were making the next LG device, they wont be able to reveal it before Google announces it, but a new Nexus device coming this soon with a manufacturing problem with the first one is highly unlikely. Now to restore their trust LG should acknowledge they fell short, or whatever the true reason is rather than playing the blame game and make sure that the same mistake is not repeated in the future, but we are sure that this is not going to happen.

Source: Chosun Ilbo