NFC on smartphone turns Hyundai concept car on and off

NFC is being used for many things like sharing data, making payments, etc but this is the first time where it is being used to switches a car on and off. Hyundai has come out with a concept car which does not need any keys to open and run, it runs on NFC tags.

This car is being showcased and developed at Hyundai’s Europian HQ in Germany, Frankfurt and is being called the Connectivity concept. Turning the car on and off is not the only function you can do, you can place the phone on a mat which integrates with the car’s 7″ display. You can play your music, check out videos, go through contacts and make calls.

This is not it, you will also be able to charge your  wireless chargeable smartphones using this mat. So if you keep your Lumia 920s or Nexus 4s on the mat, then it will automatically stat charging. This is really amazing technology to integrate your smartphone with your car. I think there is more to this, maybe Google speech to text while driving or voice commands and integration with Google Now. Well, we will be seeing more of this at CES which is right around the corner.

Source: Slashgear