Apple Airs Two New iPad Mini Television Ads

Today, Apple has started to air two new TV ads for the iPad mini. The company previously released  the “Piano” ad that was shown during the iPad mini media event.


The first ad is called “Books“, which demonstrates the abilities of the iPad mini as an e-reader. In the ad, a full-size iPad and the iPad mini are both side-by-side opening and closing books in iBooks. As MacRumors points out, the ad uses classy pairings of books to show comparisons between the larger and smaller iPads:  The Sun Also Rises and The Valley of the MoonEast of Eden and How the West Was Won; and, Moby Dick and Gone Fishing.


The second ad is called “Photos“, which uses a similar side by side presentation style as the other two iPad mini ads. This ad shows off iPhoto for iOS with the 60’s classic song Two of a Kind by Bobby Darin and Johnny Mercer in the background.


Author: Parth Dhebar

Parth Dhebar is a 18 year-old entrepreneur. Parth is a recognized name in the industry, known for covering Apple and technology news. He is an Editor at FoneArena covering news on Apple. You can follow him on Twitter @pdparticle.