Google to come out with a fix for the Galaxy Nexus Volume bug

We have been hearing about the Galaxy Nexus volume bug from the the day it was launched in U.K. It has been covered by every blog and news portal out there, and the users have been reporting and are unhappy about it. There have also been reports that this bug has something to do with 2G and happens only when 2G is kept on. Many people also thought that this was a hardware bug and the device has to be replaced, but now Google has finally acknowledged and responded to this volume bug.

Google has said that they have been working on a “Fix” for Galaxy Nexus and will be pushing this fix on the devices pretty soon. I am sure all the Galaxy Nexus Owners out there must be very relieved by now knowing that this is not a hardware issue but a minor software bug which can be solved by a system update. What remains to be seen is that when Google will be ready with the update and will it be coming with a Android 4.1 update or will it be a normal downloadable package, etc which is unconfirmed. So stay tuned, we will be reporting more on this as soon as we get more information.