Nothing launches creative platform for CMF Phone 1 to design custom back covers

CMF by Nothing has announced its first smartphone, the CMF Phone 1 earlier this week. This device offers a unique design such as a replaceable back covers and customizable accessories.

According to the company, CMF Phone 1 serves as an exceptional creative platform for designers, makers, and 3D printing enthusiasts.

Features and Customization Options

CMF Phone 1 boasts replaceable rear cases secured with standard M2 screw types.

It includes an Accessory Point in the bottom right corner, allowing users to attach various accessories using either the provided Accessory Point Cover or any M2.5 screw.

This feature encourages limitless customization possibilities, from ergonomic camera grips to lens attachments, fostering creativity without bounds.

For 3D enthusiasts, Nothing provides (.stl) files of the basic rear cover for customization. Early tests by community members confirm the feasibility of 3D printing these designs, with optimized files expected to emerge soon.

Examples include Shantanu Goel’s camera grip prototype and DerrenGoneDigital’s modular case, both encouraged by Nothing’s CEO, Carl Pie on X (formerly Twitter).

Community Engagement and Collaboration

Nothing invites global users to contribute ideas, sketches, renders, and 3D prints, emphasizing responsible creation and customization. The community fosters collaboration among members, encouraging support and innovation in accessory design.

However, Nothing emphasizes that they are not liable for compatibility issues or device damage resulting from unofficial accessories or modifications.

Availability of Resources

To access the Basic Rear Cover CAD files and start customizing, visit the Nothing community to kickstart your creative journey with CMF Phone 1.