Air India ‘Cabin Executive Plus’ app for in-flight cabin executives launched

Air India today announced the launch of Cabin Executive (CE) Plus, a new app for its over 1,200 cabin executives. The app, available on iOS devices, aims to improve guest services, manage crew assignments, and promptly report cabin maintenance issues.

This app marks a significant step in Air India’s goal to enhance customer experience by providing advanced digital solutions to cabin executives.

Developed by Air India’s digital technology and design teams in Silicon Valley and Gurugram, in collaboration with the in-flight services team, CE Plus offers various features:

  • Personalized customer service: Cabin executives can access guest profiles and past flight information, including meal preferences and special requests. The app also displays updated frequent flyer status and benefits.
  • Real-time maintenance issue reporting: Cabin executives can document and photograph maintenance issues, which are then sent to Air India’s engineering teams for resolution upon landing.
  • Improved crew coordination: The app assists in allocating crew positions based on aircraft requirements, streamlining operations. It also provides access to important documents, saving time and enhancing service quality.

Air India plans to regularly update CE Plus with new features to enhance guest experience and empower cabin executives.

These may include personalized birthday surprises for loyalty program members, proactive service recovery, multilingual menus, AI-powered food and beverage recommendations, and a cabin view camera for detecting issues quickly.

Commenting on the launch, Satya Ramaswamy, Chief Digital and Technology Officer at Air India, emphasized the crucial role of the cabin crew as frontline ambassadors. He stated,

Our cabin crew play a vital role in shaping the guest experience. With the Cabin Executive Plus app, our cabin executives have access to valuable data that enables them to enhance our guests’ journey. Whether it’s fulfilling special requests or offering personalized service, this app equips our team to deliver an elevated experience. With upcoming AI-enabled features, we anticipate the app to be a defining factor in the Air India in-flight experience.