Google Pixel 9 series could feature Satellite Emergency SOS

Google Pixel 9 series will introduce emergency satellite connectivity and a new modem. This move addresses previous modem issues experienced by Pixel users since the switch to Tensor chips in 2021, according to a report by Android Authority.

In the past, Pixel devices faced modem-related issues, especially after Google started using its Tensor chips in collaboration with Samsung.

The Pixel 8 series saw improvements with the Exynos Modem 5300, but some problems persisted, affecting Pixel 7 and 8 users even after the March 2024 update, the report noted.

Pixel 9 series with Samsung Modem 5400

The upcoming Pixel 9 series is expected to feature the Samsung Modem 5400, offering faster and more efficient performance. This new modem also supports 5G non-terrestrial networks (NTN), enabling satellite-based communication.

The Pixel 9 series will be among the first devices to support Android’s native satellite implementation, as showcased in Android 15 Developer Preview 2.

This development aligns with Google’s effort to integrate satellite-based messaging, allowing users to send emergency texts via the “Satellite Gateway” app.

Although initially expected to be available through T-Mobile, other providers may offer this service in the future. Emergency satellite texting on the Pixel 9 will follow a streamlined process similar to Apple’s Emergency SOS feature.

Users will respond to specific prompts, aiding emergency services in quickly assessing and addressing the situation. This feature aims to expedite communication during emergencies by providing predefined answers to essential questions.

Moreover, the Pixel Fold successor is also expected to incorporate satellite connectivity, as the report found the following code in the Gateway app: “To connect to the satellite, unfold your phone and rotate it %d degrees counterclockwise,” indicating Google’s commitment to enhancing emergency communication across its device lineup.

As the launch of Android 15 and the Pixel 9 series approaches, more details regarding these features are anticipated to emerge.