Android 15 Developer Preview 2 brings satellite connectivity support and more

Google has released the second Developer Preview of Android 15, which serves as the final developer-focused build before the open beta in April.

This update introduces several changes aimed at developers and includes support for satellite connectivity, better cover screen support, and screen recorder detection.

What’s new in Android 15 Developer Preview 2

Satellite connectivity support

Android 15 now officially supports satellite connectivity, offering UI elements for a consistent user experience across satellite networks. This support extends beyond the US market, potentially enabling other providers to offer satellite services globally.

Additionally, apps can now detect when a device is connected to a satellite, enhancing awareness when full network services are unavailable. The update also allows SMS and preloaded RCS apps to utilize satellite connectivity for messaging purposes, not just for emergencies.

Better cover screen support

App developers can now declare a property to enable their apps to appear on small cover screens of supported flip devices. Although these screens may be too small for full-fledged apps, developers can choose to support these displays.

Screen record detection

Android 15 enables apps to detect when they are being screen-recorded. This feature is particularly useful for apps handling sensitive information, allowing developers to hide content during screen recordings.

HDR headroom control

Apps can now control HDR headroom to balance SDR and HDR content. This feature prevents HDR content from overpowering the brightness of SDR content. By allowing developers to set their desired HDR headroom, issues with mixed content perception can be avoided.

Loudness control

Android 15 introduces support for the CTA-2075 loudness standard to maintain consistency in audio loudness across various content types.

This feature ensures users do not need to adjust volume frequently when switching between content.

Audio sharing

A new “Audio sharing” page has been added under Settings, making it easier for users to start and join Auracast sessions.

Built-in app archiving

With Android 15, app archiving is now integrated into the OS. Users can manage archiving and restoring directly from the Settings app, simplifying the process.

Miscellaneous changes
  • New NFC APIs enable smoother NFC experiences, allowing devices to listen without responding to NFC readers.
  • The PDFRenderer API is now a Project Mainline module, providing updates through Google Play System Updates.

  • New APIs allow apps to track their startup and stop state, display detailed app size information, and more.

Furthermore, several developer-reported issues have been addressed, ensuring a smoother experience:

  • Fixed issues with Google Play Store app crashes.
  • Resolved problems with package manager crashes during APK installation.
  • Addressed crashes related to the Android System Intelligence app and work profile apps using the device’s fingerprint reader.

The second Developer Preview is available for testing on the following Pixel devices, exclusively for developers:

  • Pixel 8 and 8 Pro
  • Pixel 7, 7 Pro, and 7a
  • Pixel 6, 6 Pro, and 6a
  • Pixel Fold
  • Pixel Tablet

Android Beta enrollment for Android 15 isn’t yet open, with current enrollment limited to Android 14 QPR3 Betas. Google said that further details on Android 15 Beta enrollment will be provided closer to the final product release.