OPPO details how ‘LinkBoost’ tech improves connectivity

OPPO has revealed how its LinkBoost technology tackles the prevalent issue of call drops and poor connectivity.

A survey by LocalCircles in 2023 revealed that 69% of mobile users in India faced daily call drop problems due to network infrastructure issues, weak signal areas, and abnormal network cells.

Development of LinkBoost

To address this, OPPO formed a network development team, conducting three months of research across six countries and over 100 network improvement tasks, resulting in the development of LinkBoost.

The technology enhances call stability and video call quality, reducing call drops by up to 24.6% and improving video calls by 80% compared to devices with similar chipsets.

LinkBoost on OPPO F25 Pro 5G and Reno11 Series

OPPO’s F25 Pro 5G boasts 100% faster transmission power and 58.5% stronger reception, while the Reno11 Series offers 73% faster transmission power and 17% stronger reception.

Users can expect improved signal strength in weak coverage areas like elevators and crowded environments. Additionally, LinkBoost facilitates quicker network cell switches, minimizing interruptions during daily activities.

How LinkBoost Works

LinkBoost employs a 360-degree surround antenna design and software optimizations to boost signal transmission and reception.

It features AI network selection for seamless switching between network cells, enhancing stability in various environments, while Antenna power enhancement improves radiation efficiency, expanding coverage frequency bands by 50% and strengthening signals.

Testing and Results

OPPO claims to have extensively tested LinkBoost, with over 200 test cases and 300 user case studies on the OPPO F25 Pro and Reno11 series.

Results showed up to 80% improvement in WhatsApp video call recovery and 24.6% fewer call drops in weak signal areas compared to devices with the same chipset.

Announcing the LinkBoost technology, OPPO shared:

OPPO is dedicated to introducing enhancements that bolster communication even in areas with poor signal reception. Our focus is on maximizing the efficiency of weak networks through prioritized antenna enhancement and intelligent scene recognition. As OPPO advances in this field, consumers can anticipate the arrival of more sophisticated iterations of LinkBoost in OPPO smartphones.