Epic Games Store for Android and iOS officially announced, coming later this year

Epic Games has teased on social media that their Epic Games Store is expanding to iOS and Android devices. This comes after their announcement earlier this year.

Until now, the Epic Games Store has been available only on Windows and Mac computers, as an alternative to platforms like Steam and GOG. The company promises fair terms for developers, with the same revenue split on Android as on PC.

This means developers will keep 88% of their game’s revenue, while Epic takes a 12% cut. This is notably lower than Google’s cut on the Play Store, which can be as high as 30%. However, in 2021, Google announced a reduced 15% cut for developers on their first $1 million in revenue.

Regarding Apple devices, Epic has long planned to launch a store for iPhones and iPads. This became feasible with iOS 17.4, which introduced support for third-party app stores, thanks to the Digital Markets Act (DMA).

However, this feature is currently limited to users in the European Union due to regulations. Therefore, while the Epic Games Store is coming to iOS, it won’t be available to users in other regions not covered by these regulations.

Earlier this month, there was a dispute between Apple and Epic Games over licensing agreements, resulting in the temporary cancellation and subsequent reinstatement of Epic Games’ developer account by Apple. This dispute centered around the availability of Fortnite on the App Store in Europe.

Launch date and games

As for the launch date of the mobile Epic Games Store, it’s expected to arrive “later this year.” The exact lineup of games for the mobile version remains uncertain, although Fortnite is likely to be included.

Other titles like Rocket Racing, Rocket League Sideswipe, and Postparty were shown in a promotional image, but it’s noted that this image is just a concept, so the actual game lineup might differ.

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