Epic Games confirms Fortnite will return to iOS in the EU in 2024

Epic Games has confirmed Fortnite’s return to iOS devices in 2024, introducing the Epic Store on the platform in the EU. This follows Apple’s decision to allow third-party app stores for iOS users in the European Union as part of the Digital Markets Act, set to be implemented in March this year.

In 2020, Fortnite was removed from the App Store when Epic Games violated Apple’s guidelines. Now, Epic plans to operate the Epic Store on iPhones in the EU, where users can download Fortnite.

Despite this, Epic CEO Tim Sweeney criticizes Apple’s changes, calling them a “devious instance of malicious compliance.” Apple charges a 0.50 euro fee per user per year for apps outside the App Store, but there are no commissions or in-app fees.

Sweeney argues against Apple’s payment as “junk fees” and also questions the notarization process that could potentially block Epic from launching the Epic Games Store on iOS. While Epic aims to launch the store “later this year,” challenges may arise due to Apple’s oversight of third-party app stores.

Epic has long wanted to bring its game store to the iPhone, offering lower fees than Apple’s App Store. The launch is expected to cover parts of Europe governed by the Digital Markets Act, though specific details about availability are yet to be disclosed.