Amazfit Body Composition Analyzer Mat for Amazfit Balance launched in India

Amazfit has announced the launch of the Amazfit Body Composition Analyzer Mat, a new accessory designed to work with the Amazfit Balance. This mat provides a full-body composition analysis, adding to the features of the Amazfit Balance, which was introduced last December.

By sending micro-currents through the upper and lower body, the mat enhances the precision of the Amazfit Balance’s measurements, allowing users to understand their overall health better.

It measures eight metrics, including body fat, skeletal muscle, water, bone mass, protein, BMI, and basal metabolism.

The Amazfit Body Composition Analyzer Mat seamlessly integrates with the Amazfit Balance, creating a comprehensive health and fitness ecosystem. It comes with smart software features like the Analyzer Mat mini app, which provides detailed results after completing the measurement process.

Using the mat is simple: users perform a body composition test on the Amazfit Balance watch, then insert the watch into the base attached to the mat and stand on the stainless steel electrodes to complete the measurement.

Quick specifications: Amazfit Body Composition Analyzer Mat
  • Measures eight body composition metrics from your wrist
  • Body Fat, Skeletal Muscle, Muscle, Water, Bone Mass, Protein, BMI and
  • Basal Metabolism
  • Precise full-body results
  • Holistic Health Ecosystem
  • Analyzer Mat mini app

Pricing and availability

The Amazfit Body Composition Analyzer Mat is priced at Rs. 4,999 and is available exclusively in India with the purchase of the Amazfit Balance. This offer is valid for a limited time, while stocks last.