Nokia N9 Price Revealed

Nokia announced the N9 today and Nokia fans are craving for the device already. Sadly Nokia did not reveal an exact launch date for the device or a price during the announcement. Now good news for Nokia fans looking to get hold of a N9 towards the end of the year.

Guys from SmashPop have shared the pricing of the device.

Nokia N9 16GB version – $660 approx – Rs.30K

Nokia N9 64GB version – $749 approx – Rs.35K

The information was provided by Colin Giles, Nokia’s EVP of Sales. Even the NewYorkTimes quoted a similar pricing.

Will you buy the N9 at the above pricing ?

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Author: Varun Krish

Varun Krish is a Mobile Technology Enthusiast and has been blogging about mobile phones since 2005. His current phones include the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge , Apple iPhone 6S Plus & Nexus 5X. You can follow him on Twitter @varunkrish and on Google+ You can also mail Varun Krish

  • Kumar Abhishek

    Price seems fair for the time being… but if it’ll not be released till 3rd quarter of this year thn it should come with a lower price tag…

    64GB+32GB …. wow

    • Imtiazz_saadman

      Please make it affordable for us.

  • sujay

    MeeGo is actually a fully capable operating system, unlike iOS (which
    is Mac OS/X with restricted functionality to improve responsiveness
    and battery life) or Android (which is a restricted Java sandbox
    running on Linux) or Nokia’s new BFF WinP7 (a restricted .NET
    sandbox on a WinCE kernel).
    MeeGo gives you full control of the hardware you bought, for those who can handle the power, while also providing full compatibility
    with recent (i.e., Qt4) Symbian apps and any legacy Linux apps you
    care to load directly.
    Without Nokia’s full backing, it’s unlikely that MeeGo will challenge
    Android’s dominance, but perhaps enough market share can be
    accrued to remain viable. If not, I’ll definitely miss the power – and the freedom.Nokia should really drop windows for sake of Meego which has tremendous potential.As far as pricing is concerned its fair for this gorgeous beast.

  • Rajendra Choudhary (KSB)

    I Like this design similar to Apple question is that what we can upgrade os of this phone?????

  • gerald

    nokia has great designs but isnt loyal to.its customers, I own an n8 synombian 3. dropped by nokia, and now they say n9 will be runing on meego wich nokia has already dropped. wheres the sense in what they do? feels like I made a wrong choice by buying this phone. sucks.

    • Irteza

      well i think you made the right choice because are going to keep it for about 2 years may be 3 may be 4 may be 4 ? Huh …. you’ll get updates till then . and then there is a thing called a U-turn .. you so yiu never know what is going to happen . Nokia is not that bad its cares for you

    • Roco

      @ Gerald – Nokia has promised support for Symbian until 2015 and the Anna update rolls out starting this July, and has also promised many more updates; still investing in the Symbian platform. IMO, Nokia is def takin care of its loyal customers!

  • fduvall

    Love the specs but WHY would I pay top dollar for a phone that no one else is using?

    • Andy

      Generally people are willing to pay a premium to get something that other people don’t have, otherwise designer labels wouldn’t exist.

    • because its a good phone, so good that some ppl can’t afford. and besides, it hasn’t been released yet

  • No Key board support.. even if it is complete touch screen from edge to edge.. it shoudl be sporting a keyboard like n950 ..
    hence decision is no.. plus I’ll wait for the windows phone nokia phone that looks promising..

    • it has a capacitive curved touch screen. the typing experience would be even better compared to the iphone’s. besides, iphone doesn’t even have a keyboard yet so many ppl use it. and having a keyboard justs makes the phone heavier and thicker.

  • Toadpole

    I love Maemo and early builds of MeeGo. I’m buying it immediately, no matter what the price.

  • Nemanja_and

    To pricey! I like it a lot, but I think that $750 is too much for any phone, especially for one that is not better from rivals

    • just get the 16 GB one

    • Ankur Hathua

      phone is good but price is not good

  • it doesn’t look like the best fone, it is the BEST-literally

  • the ppl who are saying unique, the windows phone is gonna come in the
    same body. No one will know…you have meego or windows phone until they
    see it. You will miss on a lot of apps as they killed the ecosystem for
    meego. Plus remember as soon as windows phone launched in 4 – 5 months
    this phone is gonna drop below 25k

  • renjithalexander

    i like the phone but the price is toooo much better u can come up to 22thousand …..

  • Lesterlasco

    rather buy an iphone 4s

  • Faisal

    yes the phone looks so good and it is smashing and the price is little high than N8 so 550$ and 600 $ are the best which i will pay